Dakota B.
Dakota B.

 Drop-Off Times:  7:30am-3pm–WE DO NOT ACCEPT DROP-OFFS AFTER 3:00PM

Pick-Up Times: 7:30am-7:00pm*

*Drop-off and Pick-up outside of these hours will incur an additional fee of $10 per half hour

Before joining the Dog’s Day family, we’ll need to schedule an evaluation (click here) to see if your dog is happy at the farm and how s/he interacts with the others. Evaluations are $25 (first dog) and tend to take around 40 minutes. Our prospective customers always find these orientations to be valuable learning experiences.


ServicePrice  Explanation
Trips to the FarmOne Trip: $25*
Five Trips/week: $23/day*
We’ll pick up your dog(s) and taxi them to and from one of our two farms to play for an hour.

Additional costs may apply depending on your location. Farm Trips are limited to the Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village, and Southeastern Damascus areas.

Daycare Half Day: $25*
Full Day: $35*
Taxi for Daycare $2/mile
Exploring the enormous property with human and other canine companions for up to four hours (“Half Day”) or more than four hours between 7:30am and 7:00pm (“Full Day”).

Taxi times vary day-to-day. Contact us to see if you’re within our taxi range.


Non-Peak Rate: $75*
Peak Rate: $85*


Holidays are an additional $20-45 depending on the holiday.
Your dog(s) will stay overnight with us and their furry friends! They’ll choose between memory foam mats, dog beds, couches, and human beds. Rates are per 24 hour period.

Peak rates occur during busy periods such as holidays and summer.

Pick-ups beyond the 24-hour mark are charged an additional half daycare or full daycare depending on the time.

An additional daycare charge will apply if pick-up time is later than drop-off time. Example: If “Fido” was dropped off during a non-peak time of year at around 9:00 am and picked back up at around 9am the following day, the cost would be $75. But, if he were picked-up the following afternoon or evening, there would be an additional $35 daycare charge incurred, making the total $110

Evaluation/ Meet & Greet$251/2 off for additional dogs
House VisitsPlease call for pricing and availabilityDog walking, short visits, and overnights at your house

Bath$25-$45On the day of pick up. Includes bathing and towel dry only.
GPS Collar$3/dayWe’ll fit your dog with a GPS Collar that can provide us with your dog’s location. (Just an added measure of safety.)

FoodSmall Dog (5-20 lbs):
Medium Dog (20-55 lbs):
Large Dog (55-95 lbs):
Extra Large Dog (95 lbs+):
Grain-free kibble and/or wet food. You are certainly free to bring your own (preferably packed per meal).

ExtrasLarge Rawhide Chew: $5
Bully Stick: $5
7 oz Busy Bone: $8
15 oz Busy Bone: $12
Special treats for your pup 🙂

*Larger dogs may incur additional fees. Additional dogs are discounted 30%.
For more information see below.


Please contact us for a quote.


  • Half Day $25*

  • Full Day $35*

  • Taxi for Daycare $2/mile (taxi times vary day to day)

*Price per dog…Larger dogs may incur additional fees.

*Additional dogs are discounted 30%


Boarding discounts are given for clients who utilize our daycare services on a regular basis, and also for frequent travelers and extended stays.

PRICING FOR OVERNIGHT BOARDING: $75/night ($85/night during Peak-Times)*

  • Discounts available for dogs that attend regular daycare, and for extended stays of two weeks or more

  • Additional dogs are 30% off


  • Additional 1/2 daycare (up to 4 hours) beyond 24 hour period is $25

  • Additional Full daycare (more than 4 hours) beyond 24 hour period is $35

  • Very large dogs may incur an additional fee

(Example:  If Fido was dropped-off during a non-peak time of year at around 9:00 am and picked back up at around 9am the following day, the cost would be $75.  But, if he were picked-up the following afternoon or evening, there would be an additional $25 to $35 daycare charge incurred (depending on time), making the total between $100 and $110).