Overnight Care


Overnight Care: Cage-Free, Home-Based Dog Boarding on our farm!

Vacations are great, but dreading the anxiety that comes with leaving your pet(s) behind puts a damper on the whole trip! We have a solution for overnight care for your pup(s) that will allow you to take that much-deserved, guilt-free trip:

We believe that we have the best option in Montgomery County for dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs. If you have a friendly dog (or multiple dogs!), we’d love to take care of her or him while you are away. We’ll ensure lot’s of exercise, play and plenty of love and attention.

Dog’s Day boasts the largest daycare and boarding facility in Montgomery County, Maryland.  And lest the word “facility” conjures up an image of an unnatural, industrial setting, we are happy to offer just the opposite for your pup’s stay away from home: a natural farm setting with multiple large outdoor play areas, complimented by the comforts of spacious, home-style, cage-free indoor accommodations.

We have recently renovated one of the outbuildings on the property (which we call the “Daycare House”, AKA the Ruff House) to include an apartment area designed specifically with dogs in mind.  There are raised surfaces to rest on, king-sized beds to cozy up in, and plenty of nooks and crannies for naps & hideaways.

Having the Daycare House, along with our main home and the 5+ large, fenced yards, ensures the dogs will never get bored.

Other features include a trampoline, doggy-pool, and a hay-filled pole barn! The dogs love exploring the property and sniffing all those “farm smells” (haha).

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Our pricing for boarding is dependent on (1) whether the boarding dates fall in a “peak price” period (e.g. Summer, Holiday periods, etc.), and (2) whether your dog is a “regular” at Dog’s Day.  A “regular” at Dog’s Day means either a day of daycare at least every two weeks throughout the year, or at least 15 nights of boarding throughout the year (or a combination). This can be purchased up front as a package.

PRICING FOR BOARDING: $75/night ($85/night during Peak-Times)* see info below for discounts and additional fees


*Additional dogs in the family are 30% price

*Holidays incur additional fees

*Additional fees may be incurred for large breeds

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Drop-off and Pick-up Times

 Drop-offs 7:30am-3pm (7 days a week) WE DO NOT ACCEPT BOARDING DROP-OFFS AFTER 3:00PM

Pick-ups 7:30am-7pm (7 days a week) *Additional fees apply outside of these hours

All we need from you is a happy pup, a leash and food (packaged per meal and/or with specific instructions)…..  if you are not taking advantage of our food offerings* (see Pricing page).  If your pup is on any medication or supplements, please provide those. In addition, please make sure your pup has a collar fitted so that it will not slip off easily!  Label all items with your pup’s first and last name!!

Please do not send toys, bowls, beds or other belongings. They tend to get chewed by other pets or lost. We have plenty of beds, toys and food/water bowls available for your pup!!

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