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  • 240-449-9993



  • 240-449-9993

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  • 240-543-9318

“Daycare Phone”: General Inquiries like updates on your pup, drop-off and pick-ups, etc…

  • 301-263-5887 (text or call)

Fax: 301-253-3829

*Please be aware that if your dog is staying with us, you may get texts from any of these phone numbers.  If we see something cute happening and we want to send a picture, we just grab the closest phone available and send the picture along!



                     GAITHERSBURG, MD 20882


We would appreciate limiting texts/phone calls to the hours of operation (7:30am-7:00pm).  If you have any questions or concerns outside of those hours, please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

We want our focus to be 100% on the dogs that are with us, so please be patient if we do not respond immediately.